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Shoring Rental

“One of the first questions put to me on inspecting the shoring was ‘can the shoring be installed without our personnel having to stand on the edge of the unsupported trench?’
My answer was ‘yes it can and unlike a static shoring box when it is installed it supports the edge of the trench as well’ this immediately got their attention!”

McConnell Dowell Constructors for the ‘cut & cover tunnel – stage one’ City Rail Link for Auckland Transport.

Our drainage crews subcontracted to Fletcher Construction in Christchurch for over four years replacing earthquake damaged sewer infrastructure in roadways and we used only hydraulic shoring. Fletcher Construction have confirmed that crews using hydraulic shoring consistently achieve 60% better productivity over crews using static shoring boxes.

We can supply you with specialized hydraulic trench support shoring to improving your work site safety and lower your construction costs.

This short video gives you a good idea how the Light Duty Hydraulic Shoring sets install and operate and it is the same principle as the Heavy Duty Hydraulic Shoring sets except for the installation. The Heavy Duty Hydraulic Shoring sets are moved and installed by excavator and as you see in the photos with 1200W x 3000L x 45mm sheets of ply attached they weigh all up approximately 195kg per meter depth of shoring (3m deep Heavy Duty Hydraulic Shoring shoring sets weigh 585kg dry).

Hydraulic shoring sets support the trench walls and all services outside the trench line including kerb & channel, footpath and the associated reinstatement, and existing services running parallel to the trench. Each of the hydraulic rams apply approximately 9 ton of load to the trench wall so they not only protect the workers they support the trench walls and minimize the backfill and reinstatement from ‘over-break’. Trench excavations using Hydraulic Shoring can be shored ranging from 600mm to 4.5 meters wide and up to 7.5 meters deep with enough clearance under the Hi-Clearance shoring to lay a 2 meter diameter pipe!


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